Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm not sure where to begin with this one.
My Brina is not doing well.

She injured herself over the weekend; and to be honest; I thought she was being a bit of a drama queen... which she has done before. But she was limping; and carrying her back foot most of the time. I couldn't see anything wrong with her foot or her pad.... but I've been helping her up and down steps; and up and down from the bed/ couch, etc.
I was putting salve on her foot, just in case... but it didn't seem to be helping.
She seemed to be absolutely fine, save for the hopping about.

Today she went in for her first ever! Haircut and shampoo at a professional puppy salon.
(She was not thrilled).... but looks very cute.
I decided afterwards, to take her to my local vet to check her foot; and she was given a thorough check.
Long story short; she really messed up her knee... and because she is not really a candidate for surgery at the age of 15 1/2 yrs old ... it will take a bit to heal. Proper medications were written for pain and swelling to the joint.
On an aside; I mentioned that the last couple of times Brina has urinated; she had some bloody staining to her fur... and it looked like she had some clots as well. No signs of infection, and she seemed to be eating/drinking/ enjoying herself regardless. She didn't seem to be uncomfortable in any way... but there it was.
Some tests were done; including a urine test where there was markedly more blood than pee...
and she most likely has tumors in her bladder; with a somewhat poor prognosis.
Again, medication has been prescribed... but...
I am gutted.
Simply gutted.
And while I knew she would not be here with me forever; it is still a sword to my heart.

And while I have made every effort since she adopted us as her family; to make her days special... all the more so now.... and for whatever time she has... be it weeks, months, or a year...