Tuesday, July 22, 2014


...many people dream of abundance... myself included...
But I have to remember that abundance can mean many things...
from having enough... enough to pay the bills, to fill the stomach... to even having something come into your life that you didn't think you wanted or needed... but there it is... and it's perfect.

I think as artists, we have this mythical ideal in our head... probably spurred on by someone else's propaganda... as to what we should all accomplish as some sort of measurement... in having "made it" and become "successful."
I think a lot of us have this false belief that  the way of living as an artist; is somehow comparable to other work fields... ie: we think there ought to be some sort of quality review every few months... where we are following some sort of ladder on the way to "making it big"... like there is one set course for it all... and somehow we must follow it.
And other artists promote this idea as well... simply look at the plethora of books out there ... on... follow this step... write for an hour every morning... set up your studio to look like this... buy this website... hire this manager... ... well ... you get the idea.
All with this idea of reaching some sort of end goal where you have tons of money... some amount of fame ... not to mention a contract for further tchotchkes and collectibles based on your work.

And it works for some. Which is awesome.
But for myself... I need to remember that to measure yourself against anyone... is a bad idea.
To measure success... and whatever that means to you... based on someone else's path...
probably won't work for you.
You have to carve your own path.
To blindly compare yourself to others... well, it's sorta like high school.
I don't know about you, but I was NOT the cheerleader. Nor could I even remotely do a somersault; let alone a round-house... or whatever other miracles those double jointed beauties could do. And to compare myself to them would never end well.... on any level.

So part of my goals over the next few weeks is to figure out what success actually means to me.
What are my short term goals to getting there?
What can I do right now... right where I am... that can help me on that road toward doing what I love.