Friday, July 25, 2014


Ugh. Just when I think I am beginning to get caught up; things go awry.
I am sure this is true for everyone... it's just incredibly frustrating.

You do shows... and then someone tells you about the 3 you missed.
You pay bills... and you realize there's a big one on the horizon.
You get the laundry done... and find a lone sock on the floor.
The "to-do" list never seems to shorten.
Such is life.

How do you keep above it all?
How do you stay inspired when it feels the universe is conspiring against you?
How do you not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others... and feeling like you are always coming up short?

There are no easy answers... but one of the best "help" lists I've seen out there is this one:

1. Get clear about you. 
A sense of self lets you see others' successes and become better, not bitter. List words that describe you: smart, strong, kind; mother, friend, visionary. Value yourself and you won't want to be like anyone else.
2. Seek meaning, not approval. 
When you spend your life chasing recognition, you can also expect to spend it worrying about who's passing you by. If you work to advance your dreams, your place in the pecking order ceases to matter.
3. Know that everyone has her own strengths. 
Our parents told us, "Sit up straight like your brother. Clean your room like your sister." The result? We learned to measure what we do by what others have done. But that isn't useful when every individual has unique gifts.
4. Emulate what works.
When someone does something well, assess what made her succeed and figure out ways to incorporate those traits in your own life. If that's possible, great! If not, refer to #1—and keep doing you.
--Iyanla Vanzant

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