Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This week's chapter in one of the books I am reading... is all about time.
As in deadlines... as in... that majikal "last minute."
And for the record... she says that every one has a last minute... it just is earlier for some than others... which I think is a neat way of looking at it.

She talks about deadlines... and one of the "tricks" she suggests... is to do a "reverse schedule."
I will use myself as an example here:

I have a show this Saturday from 9-5pm.
I have to set up at 8am.
Which means I must leave the house at 7:30am
Which  means packing the car at 7am
Which means getting up at 6am
Which means going to bed at a "reasonable hour" on Friday night.
Which means that on Friday evening I need to pack everything I am taking to the show.
Which means that Friday morning and evening are set aside to finish up anything else I am taking to the show, make sure tablecloths are washed, and make a list of things I am taking to the show to check off as I pack. It also means getting cash for the cash box, sales slips, that sort of thing.
Which means that Thursday is all about making things.
Which means any time I have on Wednesday evening is about making things for the show.
Which means; as I have an appt Wednesday morning and work as a volunteer on Wednesday. afternoon... that nothing will get done then.
Which means I have today to work on new things for the show.

It's an interesting concept; and we'll see how it works out.
Off to the studio!