Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Another "lesson" in one of the books I am reading... talks about finding the time to create things.
And one of the main "hints" the author talks about is actually learning to say NO.

Anyone who knows me; knows that this is my biggest weakness.
I am a volunteer-er... a person who jumps in with both feet... takes on extra hours... fights the good fight... joins in on causes... and inevitably takes on too much.
So this one really hits home.

The author talks about various ways to set boundaries; such as:

-making strict rules for your customers, friends and family by setting well defined hours of work. This is especially important if you work from home; as people sometimes get the impression that because you are home... you are automatically available to do things at the drop of a hat.
(trust me... this is really, really important)

-letting your answering machine pick up calls... and having a "blurb" on your answering machine that says you return calls in a 24hr time frame; during business hours only. (unless of course it's an emergency)
-returning emails in a 24hr time frame as well
The purpose of these 2 "rules" ... is to free you up from spending all day on the computer, or all day on the phone. Sometimes, this is just the way things go... but having steps in place to minimize it; can really help.

-setting strict rules for yourself as well... starting things on time; finishing things on time. It leads to an air of professionalism that cannot be questioned.

-and setting strict rules for yourself... such as: hours that you will be in the studio; and sticking to it.
It is far too easy to getting sucked into the internet time-warp.... watching just one more video on art techniques or whatever... and before you know it... the afternoon is gone.

-but most important... the learning to say no to extra things. To trust your gut if you really want to do something or not. Sometimes it's as simple as allowing yourself the opportunity of 24hrs before you give an answer on things. This allows you to not jump right in with a YES; but to truly consider the job/ task at hand and if you can do it.

In essence... to give yourself the respect that you want others to give you.
And it's hard.
Really hard.