Thursday, July 31, 2014


Sometimes they can drive me insane ( I know... it's not a far drive).

I get so easily caught up in self-loathing.
I have a show coming up this weekend... and the past few days I've had an undercurrent of anxiety, and today it is near panic.
What if no one likes my stuff?
What if someone else's stuff is better? More well received?
What if I should have concentrated on making more of X... or Y... or tweaked Z a little more...
What if I've over-priced things... or under-priced things?!
--- and so on it goes in my head... like some crack-driven psycho on replay.

As artists... I think we are more prone to this kind of merry-go-round...
used to the critique... and more reliant on public opinion as it is our bread and butter so to speak.
But sometimes we need to take a giant step back.


And remember... that the only competition we have ... IS WITH OURSELVES.
Can we do better than we did last time?
Can we offer a better item... more selection... whatever.

and KNOW.... that it will all be OK.
We've showed up... we've done the work... we've put ourselves OUT THERE...
and that is more than half the battle.

(ok. Now to read it out-loud to myself)