Monday, July 7, 2014


so... (when we last "spoke" about this thing that is an art business)... we were talking about what to do when you are in a creative slump; and I offered some ideas from a couple books I am reading.
Today I thought I would talk a bit about perfectionism.

Yes, most of us share this trait... at least from time to time.
And there are a lot of good points about being a sort of perfectionist.
But it can also be a bugger.
Now the one book I was reading.... dealt with the idea of perfectionism as a form of resistance.
That it was a stumbling block... a form of procrastination... and I can totally see that.

One of the hints in this book... is to entertain the idea of GOOD.
Ie: it may not be perfect... but it's good.
And at lease it's out there... with potential tweaking in the future if need be... but it's out there.
Because, the idea of perfectionism causes (most) of us to do nothing.
Whereas the idea of "good enough" at least gets us working... and doing... and acting on it.
Because, as the author shared... while we are waiting for the "perfect" thing or idea...or gift or whatever... time is passing by and we are stagnant. Stuck. Sometimes we just have to do something... and make it better as the project or situation goes on.

I will admit that I am somewhat of a perfectionist.
I put out off doing things because I want to do them right.
I want to do them well.
I don't want to let so-and-so down.
I don't want to disappoint.
And yet, by putting things off to do when I feel better.... well rested... able to do the task at hand...
I've already disappointed. Because it's late... or because I am overwhelmed and am stressed now to get it done... or whatever. You get the idea.
Whereas, if I would just do a little... it would probably be enough.
Course, the other thing I need to learn is to not do everything for everyone... but that is another story... and for now... we are talking about perfectionism.

So... what are you putting off that you are not doing simply because you think it has to be perfect?
Get out there.
Do it.
It will be OK.