Saturday, July 12, 2014

for the weekend

I am exhausted.
Mentally and physically.
So I am really looking forward to a day off.

But... it's nice out... the hubby is mowing the lawn...
The daughter is sketching...
the dog is napping...
And I've got some links for  you:

*as part of my part-time job at the "junk shop"... I research items, clean them up, photograph them, list them for sale on-line, and then ship them when they sell. One of the items this week was a piece of paper, that just looked interesting. Turns out, it was a certificate of monetary exchange... that was made on fine French cotton paper, engraved by a master of block prints, engraving and calligraphy (with a family history or engravers that goes back to the 1750s).... of a prominent New York State dairy farm. Whew. Coolness. Anyway... because I can't include links in Ebay descriptions; I really wanted to share the info about the family or artisans that engraved the block prints that was featured on this certificate. So HERE it is.
*some really inventive "camping hacks".... so you can enjoy camping just a little bit more
*carvings on pearl shells... just awesome
*artist Justin Plunkett
* a really cool notebook
*artist Nastasja DuThois
*artist Hillary Fayle
*the website of my friend Kimm Kiriako   and her art page 
*not sure how I missed this... but I came across a link to this madness! Son of Brian and Wendy Froud; TOBY... has teamed with Jim Henson's daughter HEATHER... so produce this fabulous movie called "Lessons Learned."  .... whoa....
*hidden worlds inside opals (cuz you know how much I love rocks)
*21 funky lamps to make yourself 
* and just something that makes you go "...hmmmmmmmmmmm"

Hope you all have a great weekend; and I'll see you on Monday.