Saturday, July 26, 2014

for the weekend

Yes, the weekend is finally here... and tomorrow I am looking forward to a day off.

It's been a strange ride these past 2 weeks... what with quitting my part-time job; tying up some loose ends and finishing up some projects.... and doing a show last weekend at the Allegheny Campgrounds... which was fun; in spite of the rainy weather.
This coming week involves a lot of things... not the least of which is getting ready for a big show this coming weekend. I hope to be making lots of new jewelry items for it... with a heavy lean toward gemstone and sterling pieces.
It is also the time of the new moon... which traditionally means new beginnings, recharging "old" goals and setting new ones. I time for focusing on what you really want to bring into your life.
And so it is for me as well.

For the weekend.... I have some sites to share with you.
I hope you like them... and I'll see you on Monday:

*19 ways to Create Good Karma
*the artist and his guardian angel
*50 ways to reuse your garbage
*an unexpected way to clean your old vinyl records
*an easy recipe for the weekend
*and then I found this blurb on this amazing guy ... and where he lives
*lies about quilts
*and these stunning fairy inspired sculptures
*stones covered in origami paper
*this looks fun
*artist John Alcorn
*one of my favorite blog sites and authors

PLUS --- have you read this?... here's the website... and here's a free download.