Friday, August 15, 2014


I know.
More bear photos.
I can't help myself.
But yesterday's visit was extraordinary... and still has me shaking with glee.
Even in the "wild woods"... it's not that common to see them this close.

Somehow I have managed to completely mess up my back;
so instead of going to a family picnic... I am home with a hot pack.
But all is good.
And I am finishing up the book I've been sharing with you all...

This last bit is on getting your work out there.
There is a short discussion on what constitutes art; and what is a hobby... and basically, it boils down to whether or not you have a burning desire to share what you do with the world... or not.
We all know what it's like to have art heal us... when it makes you smile... takes away the blues... gives you motivation...
and you want your work to do the same thing... and effect someone else in a positive and healing way.
That is how it is with the things I make... and I am sure it is with you as well.
But then... ahah. The business of getting it out there.
In the world.
The big WIDE (and potentially critical) world.

The author offers some basic first steps:
-figure out what you want to sell
-photograph it, write a simple description.
-figure out pricing. She suggests you price at 1/3 more than you think it should cost. I have always gone by the simple idea of taking the cost to make what you did... double it. Then figure out how long it took you to make the item; and give yourself an hourly wage... then add those together. So.
Say it cost you $10 in supplies (so make it $20) Then say, it took you 3 hours to make it; and at $8/hr = $24. So the item (at minimum), should be listed at $20+ $24=$44.
-figure out the venue. Do you want to sell it on a website, Ebay, Etsy, Artfire, Zazzle, in a store, in a gallery, in a cafe... there are tons of places to potentially sell your work.

The author suggests also; that you do your homework/ research... but to note get bogged down by it. Research for only 15 minutes. Then move on. It's too easy to get stuck "researching" things for hours/days/weeks... and just get overwhelmed.

Like the author has said... the hard part is getting started.
Sometimes you may have to bribe yourself.
Offer yourself some kind of reward for getting little steps done... bigger steps done...
projects completed.
Whatever works.

To this end... I have been trying to be brave.
Since becoming a "full-time" artist again about a month ago;
I have submitted a potential article idea to a magazine I like....
and this week... I filled out an application to a juried artisan group here in PA.
yes, baby steps.... but important baby steps.