Monday, August 18, 2014


I've always been fascinated by these ground webs...
imagining faerie folk weaving them in the wee hours... dancing in the grass...

In reality... I guess they are made by a form of Funnel spiders that weave webs on the ground.
See here
I love them... and while I was looking up info about them;
I also came across the meaning behind "spider" as a totem animal... which I've linked here.
Very interesting stuff.

There was also an incident last night around 2 am in the yard.
I went to let the dog out (and have to help her because of her torn knee-cap)...
when we heard this god-awful screeching in the yard.
When I opened the back door... I saw a flash of something...
something I thought looked like a big-ish wild cat... but this am...
I can only find deer prints. ... so I have no idea.
I never saw the deer.
Another mystery.

So I decided to walk around the area near the woods to follow the deer tracks to see if I could find prints of anything else
( I didn't )...
but I did find these:

These are (apparently) a form of fungi known as Earth Tongues (trichoglossom hirsutum)
I can find no links on whether or not it is medicinal... or even edible... but I would assume NOT.

I did find this,  and this , and this.

So... all in all... it's been a mysterious... majikal... wondrous kind of day...
and because I got very little sleep last night; and was up entirely too early this am,
I am off for a much needed nap.

See you all tomorrow.