Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It's a hard thing to be an artist, and be self employed.
It's a fine dance between tooting your own horn to promote your work;
and sounding like an egotistical asshole.
Take resumes for example...
you have to list all your accomplishments and talents; and at the same time...
not sound like a schmuck who thinks they're "all that".

And yet, belittling yourself, or minimizing your talents... can cost you the job...
future work... and make you sound like you have self esteem issues.

It's a carefully choreographed dance... but one we must learn.

I for one, have no idea..... and frankly, this is an area I am completely ignorant about.
So I went looking on the internet, and found some articles for today's post that you might want to read on the subject:

*from Forbes
*from TheMuse (career website)
*from Business Insider 
*from Ellen Ostrow (life coach)
*and of course, Oprah.


((the photo for today's post is one I took yesterday on my walk in the woods.
I think it is a Carolina Wren... but a fairly young one. 
Mom and dad were nearby and I think they had been teaching her how to fly.
What I noticed, however... was their awesome singing.