Friday, August 22, 2014


It's hard to believe it... but there are hints of fall already.
The goldenrod and ragweed are all over the edges of my yard... asters... even the occasional autumn toned leaf can be seen in the offing.
It's been a mild tempered summer here (or at least compared to living in the southwest), and I am grateful.
Off and on all day yesterday, and into the evening there were storms all around us.
My mother had a tree completely uproot itself in the storm; and a goodly portion of a neighbor's tree came down with a huge crash. And yet, close to midnight; I could hear the soft scampering of deer in the yard... stillness and calm having returned once again.
This morning, a congregation of crows is chatting wildly, excited over the prospect of the day...
or perhaps... sharing news of the storm... who knows. But they are vocal.

Today and tomorrow I have a show in the area; and I am excited about it.
Yes, it is tempered with the usual "you could have done more"... and the "if only".... comments ringing in my head... but over-all... it's been a great learning experience to navigate the local show circuit here.

It's been a (very) rocky road these past few months; and there are certainly things I would try to do differently if that were an option. It's times like these though, that I have to remind myself.... that I have gotten things accomplished.
I have made a difference.
Yes, I've messed up on some things... that is to be expected.
The only way to truly fail however, is to never to try.
Someone once told me; if you are not making mistakes, you are not learning...
and, I believe that is true.

---carry on peeps.... be nice to each other... and I'll see you tomorrow.