Tuesday, August 26, 2014


...sometimes things get tangled up.
These past few weeks it feels as though my entire life has been tangled up in knots.
Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, power struggles... lots of stress and strife going on around me.
And yet, my home (as it should be) is a sanctuary.
Because of this... I have been reluctant to leave the house, for the most part.
And I have been drained.
Emotionally, physically, spiritually... drained.
I feel like my meter is on "empty."

This past weekend I did a show... and it was awesome.
But since then, I find that (for the bulk of the time)...
I have either been in bed... or wandering about in some zombie-like daze.
Not being productive... not getting anything done.
And so today I gave in... and just went to bed.
The rest of tonight is devoted to sitting in my favorite chair and watching an old movie or some such. Sometimes the best things we can do... are nothing at all.

Hope you do the same...


((the photo for today's post was taken in the woods behind my house.
The vine is some sort of creeper... and it is amazing to see these random curls all over the twigs and branches on trees. 
The blooms on it are really pretty as well.))