Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Just a short note today... I am really tired.

But I wanted to share these photos with you...
A friend of mine mentioned to me the day; about a local tree... that she had noticed had this awesome fungi growing on it.
This was intriguing, so of course I had to go right down and see it myself.
Once I saw it; I knew it was a "chicken of the woods" mushroom...
and had I been a bit braver; I would have asked the owner of the property if I could cut some down to eat.

I remember having this tasty treat many, many years ago... but wanted to refresh my memory of the facts... so:

Here is the Wiki entry on the mushroom itself.
Here is some info from the "Mushroom Appreciation" website.
More info from the "Mushroom Expert".
And a pretty cool YouTube video.
and this site.... that talks about nutritional benefits and how to cook it.