Thursday, August 28, 2014


Busy, busy day today!
I am leaving town tomorrow for a family reunion down near Philadelphia.
Although I've never been to one; my priority is to get my mother there;
so she can see extended family.

I am also trying to clean up the house, do laundry, print directions, etc in preparation for the trip tomorrow...
get together some items for donation to a local club for an auction that need turned in today...
clean up and sort things from the show we went to last weekend...
arrange to get a used stove in our kitchen... (as the one we have only has 2 working burners and a poorly functioning oven)
and then there is the usual posting on my 2 blogs....
posting for a group I belong to on Facebook...
and even, perhaps, canning pickles... as I was gifted a big box of cucumbers yesterday.

I am SOOOO not complaining though.
It's good to be busy... and it's great that most of my business is related to doing what I love... which is art.
And so... I'm going to walk around the yard a bit... catch my breathe... gain some calmness...
and get back to work.
See you tomorrow!

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