Friday, August 29, 2014


It's so peaceful here; living next to the woods.
It's been quite the adjustment, moving from the sunny southwest back home to PA...
but it's also been very rewarding in many ways.

The hardest part, honestly... has been figuring out the money issues...
what with the hubby taking classes online and writing a work of fiction; he doesn't have a job in the traditional sense... and has no money coming in at the moment.
I've had some temporary work... but am now concentrating on building up my art business;
which takes time for things to pan out financially...
So the whole "money" thing has been rough... but no more so than so many people I know.
It's been hard all over for so many people.

The good news... is I feel we are on the right track.
Yes, money is extremely tight... as we are basically living off of savings at the moment.
But. There are certain freedoms and a certain sense of self that you get when you work for yourself... that is just not like any other.
Plus... we are both doing what we love .. and there is no price tag that you can put on that.

It's been hard stepping out in a HUGE leap of faith... but one we have to try.
And it's been rewarding in other ways...

*I was recently featured as Artisan of the Month at the local Potter County Artisan Center. ... something I've been working hard at since it's inception in January. We opened the center in April... and we're off to a really good start.
*I've been mentioned in several newspaper articles in relation to my art business and work at the Artisan Center... which is super cool.
*I've done several local shows and sold some of my art, craft and jewelry pieces... which is awesome.
*I was recently accepted as a juried artisan in the PA Route 6 Artisan Trail... and had some of my photographs and work featured in their new brochure. It goes all over the state to various State Parks, Visitor's Centers, and artisan centers like ours.
*I found out this week... that I was nominated and honored as one of the TOP 6! artisans in the Wilds Region along Route 6 here in PA. WoOt!
*I've applied for acceptance into some other art groups... and we'll see how that goes
*and I've sent a submission in to a magazine I admire (they didn't need my work at this time... but that isn't to say it couldn't happen in the future, right?).
Applying to things has been a "huge" leap out of my comfort zone... but all of this helps me to grow and learn... and it's been good.

It's been hard work... and it's been really scary at times... but anything worth having and striving for ... is usually difficult and scary at times.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." -- Neal Donald Walsch

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