Tuesday, August 5, 2014


...what a busy weekend this was!
Crazy busy and wonderful... with lots of encouragement from friends and acquaintances who stopped by my booth at the local Herb Festival... which really gave me pause and motivation to "keep on" doing what I am doing. It is always such a boost to hear that people like what you do... and that you do it well.
The whole event was marred only by a brief encounter with a person who felt the need to chew me up one side and down the other. And I am still baffled by it all.

It's funny. You can have 10 compliments and positive reactions... but what sticks with you... (or at least me)... is that one criticism or complaint. That one... you should have done this... you ought to do that...
It's always funny to me why we (I) as humans do this.
You'd think we would tend to treasure the 10 positives... but instead... more often than not, we tend to fixate on that one thing someone thought we did wrong. Or could have done better... or whatever.

And equally puzzling to me... why do people feel the need to create such drama in other people's lives? Why say that 15 minutes of ugliness? Does it serve a purpose? Why would a person, (a supposedly sane and kind person) go up to someone and dress them down? tear them apart? talk bad about their friends... question their motives... spew stories of vomitous wrath?
I have no idea.
I can only guess that they are very unhappy in life; and in some bizarre way... it makes them feel better about their own existence.

so... what do we do when things like this happen?
First off... we have to realize that it's probably not something we did... or even said.
Mostly likely, when people lash out like this; it's more about them... than you.
If however, it is something you did; apologize.
Life is too short to have regrets or things left unsaid.
It's then up to them to forgive or not... but at least you've done your part.

In this case, however... I have to believe that the majority of it was complete fabrication.
Words meant to inflict pain, cause doubt, stir the pot.
What to do then?

What I probably should have done, was to try to refute all the hogwash.
Although, it would have done no good at all... some people are just set in their opinions... and the more you try to correct them, the more of a storm it becomes.
There's nothing you can do to change them, and often times it's just easier to walk away... which is what I did. ... knowing that there is no helping people who:
1. don't want to have the record straight
2. have a need for such drama in their lives
3. and seem to have a different story for each person they tell it to

I feel bad for them in a way. Life has enough going on without the need to create problems... to create situations... to make up stories just to see where it will go.
All I can do is be responsible for my response.
Show as much kindness towards them as I can muster... walk away... and try to let it all go.

I browsed the internet for some ideas, and there was some good content out there:
and here

And on that note... let's all try to remember the 10 positives.
Much love to you all... see you tomorrow.