Friday, August 8, 2014


It's late, I'm tired... and I am late posting on today's blog post.

Great fun was had today...
*stopping to get my mom; and drive her all around town on my errands...
*stopping at the local ambulance hall as they were  having a GREAT chicken barbecue...
so we all got a fabulous lunch/dinner of BBQ chicken, homemade baked beans and macaroni salad.
*stopping at the Farmer's Market, where I not only got to visit with some great people...
but I also came home with local blueberries, raspberries, squash, spinach, beets, tomatoes and bread.
Unfortunately, I didn't have enough funds this week to also get the home-made WINE and honey...
but that will be at the top of my list for next week.

It's been an odd summer.
More often than not; the weather has been more evocative of spring or autumn...
with very few truly hot and/or humid days... which is OK with me.
After 18yrs of living in a desert climate.... spring/ autumn weather with lots of rain, cooler temps, and overcast skies... suits me just fine.

The next chapter in the book I am reading... is all about organizing your space.
I worked for several years as an organizer, and I loved it.
In fact, my last job had a lot to do with organizing, cleaning and reselling things...
so, obviously, this is something I like to do.
One of the drawbacks to our current house; having moved here in October... was that the basement is wet, damp, dark and dreary. We had started the process of turning it into a nice studio space... and it was actually working out quite well... until the winter snows started to thaw; and we got flood after flood in the studio. Lots of items were ruined. Many supplies were lost.
Things are still in a state of chaos down there on a lot of levels.
Over the course of the next couple of weeks... I really want to get the studio space back up and running well. It will involve lots of organizing, cleaning, and painting and more.

The chapter in this book talks about specific ways to organize... ie: getting rid of things you don't use, selling off items you think you can and/or gifting them, putting things in places where they make logical and useful sense. That sort of thing. Most importantly, about finding out what systems work for you... and using them. And conversely, figuring out what isn't working for you... and getting rid of it.

example: if you find you do most of your work in the dining room... make your dining room your office space. Make it work. Quit trying to work in a space that you don't enjoy. Get rid if that desk you hate, etc.
All good advice... see you tomorrow.