Saturday, August 30, 2014

for the weekend

Well... another week has absolutely flown by.
But it's time for the weekend...
for resting... relaxing... maybe sitting by a campfire...
chilling with friends...
watching a movie or reading a good book...

Whatever you are doing this weekend,
be sure to get some rest and take some time out to do something fun!
And if you happen to be online; here are some cool links I've gathered up for you all:

*10 things I've learned from Jack Kerouac
*15 wonderful words with no English equivalent
*75 empowering quotes for kick-ass women
*DIY: tin can lanterns 
*How to make a hula-hoop rug! OR... how to crochet a rug from old t-shirts
*a website about Janis Joplin.'s.Janis.freakin'.joplin.
*artist Mark Yasenchack
*THIS. Because it's Lego's... AND it's Steampunk!
*yard FALL ideas on Pinterest
*and then there was this. Because it applies to me... right here... right now.
*did you know there were a grazillion Wizard of Oz books? I didn't. But winter is coming...

*** and then.... this. Because Eppie is a friend of mine. Because she stepped out of her comfort zone. Because she is doing what she loves. And because we support artists. Read it... share it. Thank you.

Hope you all  have a fabulous weekend... and I will see you come Monday.