Saturday, August 9, 2014

for the weekend

This weekend, is my husband's 30th class reunion... and there are a couple get-togethers... so it will no doubt be a busy couple of days. It seems like this month there are several class reunions and get-togethers, as I have seen signs and announcements for different classes around town.
It's amazing to me how time flies by.
Wasn't it just yesterday when I walked down the aisles of the high school... my satin gown causing static from my brand new pair of nylons; bought just for this occasion?
Or yesterday, when I picked up my nursing cap from Sr. Remigia... a new RN... ready to take on the world...
or yesterday, when I held my newborn son... and my daughter just 16 months later...
... and in turn; watched them graduate and move on...

life goes by awfully fast.

And on that note... I hope you are enjoying the weekend so far.
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