Monday, September 1, 2014


I love taking photos... and I take them most every single day.
Amazing, I suppose to some. But I've been doing daily photos since 2008; and can't imagine a day without making art of some variety.

A fascinating benefit of this, is that I usually end up looking things up (in books and on the internet) to find out more on what I've photographed. I've learned a lot.
I still have a a great amount of learning yet to do... but it's a process.

Take the photo for today's post, for instance.
When I was a kid, we called these "bird berries"... and I was told to never eat them.
From what I gather, these are the fruits of a variety of honeysuckle that grows wild along my driveway.
Some links indicate that it is a Tartarian Honeysuckle.
All I know, is that they are pretty... and I love their color.

read more here
and here

And yes, according to some of these sights, if you eat a "large quantity" they can make you very sik as they are "slightly" poisonous.
I'm not sure what constitutes "slightly" as opposed to "definitely"... but I'm not taking the risk.

What got me thinking though... is how these berries are like some people.
Pretty to look at... joyous to behold. Perhaps even excruciatingly nice and pleasant to be around... and yet, potentially toxic. Now, they are not toxic to everyone (like with the berries... which are fine for birds and some animals)... but they can be a debilitating pain to your very core if you are susceptible to their poison.
I've met people like this.
Adored by many, painfully poisonous to you.
They drain you... eke the life out of you.... suck you dry and spit out your bones.
Often, with no warning... no inclination as to the danger that lies within them.

How do you deal with that?
I don't have the answers.
And really, everyone has their own way of dealing with toxic people.
But here are some links I found on the internet that may start the process for you:

and here

Be safe out there... and be nice to each other.
---and here is a link on berries that birds love ... see you tomorrow.