Friday, September 12, 2014


there is a decided chill in the air
frost on the grass
a nip on the cheeks when stepping out to see the moon
whirlwinds of leaves
dancing in the pre-autumn air
getting ready,
ready for fall.
ready for pumpkins
dancing in the streets
sweet treats on the tongue.
For calls of ravens as they leave the fields
full of corn
stalks drying
dirt resting
howls towards the sky from lonesome coyotes
gearing up for the hunt
for the final throws of the year
to chase with the bear
up for the night and on the prowl for berries
fat from the summer sun
for apples dropping on the ground
that the deer haven't already eaten as they gracefully wander
for turkey calling out to the geese as they fly overhead.
And us, resting on our porch...
just taking it all in
and feeling grateful.