Wednesday, September 24, 2014


One of the things I LOVE to do; is to hand color black and white photographs.

One of the things that got me "into" photography in the first place; was by copying old family photos, cropping and enlarging them when needed; and in some cases... hand coloring/restoring them.
After I married, I happened be living in Omaha Nebraska, and  on the military base there; I had access to an "old school" photo developing lab. I had some wonderful opportunities there learning how to process and enlarge negatives... and even glass plates.
For a few years, the majority of my photography business was in restoring old photographs, and hand coloring and restoring them when needed and desired.
But now, many years later, and we are in the digital age of photography. There are lots of different ways you can achieve similar looks without even stepping in a darkroom... as evidenced by the photo on today's post of a tall bearded iris bloom.

I discovered this photo of mine last night while digging through my stash of old photographs, and decided to try my hand at coloring again... but this time; with a program I use online.
I think it turned out pretty well... and thought I would share it with you all today.
Now mind you, I still have my Marshall's oil paints.... and hope to get back into hand coloring the "old fashioned" way... but I still like how far we've come with computer programs that we can even do things like this. It's amazing, really.

In other "news" -- I am hoping (and planning) on having an online store soon where people can buy my photos and have them delivered right to their door. The options will be there to buy my photos as cards, prints, canvas wraps, even larger photographs -- with matting and framing as an option.
To this end; I have been saving  some money... and am almost there ... to get the store started.
In the meantime (I've mentioned it before; but I'll add it again here)... please know that if there is a photo that you see and want to purchase (either on this blog, or on my other photo blog), just drop me a line and I can print an 8 x 10 for only $20.

And THANK YOU... to a couple people I know, who recently placed some orders for me to do just that. And for all of my readers ... and especially those who've made a point these last few weeks to tell me how much they enjoy looking at my photos... THANK YOU.
I appreciate you all ... and am very excited that people read my blogs, and look at my photographs.

See you all tomorrow :)