Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I love diners.
I adore diner food.
I love the camaraderie of the clientele...
the smell of coffee in the air...
comfort food from loving hands wearing flour dusted aprons.

My first "real" job was in a diner, and it was a wonderful place in so many ways.
The owner was an older, heavy-set woman... used to long hours and sad stories.
She made the most delicious donuts on the planet, and had a heart as big as the great outdoors.
She fed them all.
Well off, and dirt  poor. All on the same plates, and with the same care.
She allowed those without funds to eat on "credit"... although she would often, somehow, misplace their tab when it came time to pay.

And it was the heart of the community.
Everyone came in at some point... if only to smell the donuts and grab a cup o' joe.

The other day, as we were traveling home from the family reunion... we stopped at such a place.
BLT's on toast... home-made cookies... endless cups of coffee... and happy chatter from patrons and servers surrounded us.
It was awesome.

No real lesson in here... just wanted to share the experience...
These are the kind of places we so desperately need in small towns... large towns... heck... everywhere.