Friday, September 5, 2014


I love the Farmer's Market here in town.
Only open on Friday afternoon's... it is small... but mighty!
Several farms are represented; along with a fabulous baker of sweets and treats, wine, jellies, jams and honey, a lady who brings her alpaca's fine wool roving and yarn goods, a lady who make gorgeous paper flowers and bouquets, another couple who make wood furniture, and a couple who has recycled sweater purses & totes, knitwear and handcrafted wood toys. Usually there is also a local dairy farm represented that brings handcrafted cheeses and yogurts... but they were absent today... and I am sure I am forgetting some...
The point is... I love being able to get fresh, handcrafted and homegrown goods.
No preservatives, no pesticides, just good food products and handmade lovelies.

Along with my "haul" today (photo above includes most of what I bought today... and a few leftovers from the previous week)... I also was able to get some little bags of soybeans (I adore edamame).
The other day, I was gifted with some perfect little cucumbers from a friend, and some fresh garden dill from another friend... that I am making into pickles and cucumber salad/relish. And... I stopped at a local farm stand and purchased a bushel of roma tomatoes, some garlic and a bag of onions... and I am intending to make spaghetti sauce for my husband. I also was able to get a big lot of peppers... I was told they were sweet.... but some were burning my hands as I cut them... so I am assuming they are spicier than I was led to believe.
So... as you can see... the next few days are going to be spent in the kitchen... preparing, freezing and canning this goodness for future months.

There is a growing trend (no pun intended) ... of people who have learned to appreciate home grown, organic goodness such as this. People who appreciate small mom & pop type stores and restaurants. People who shy away from the "big box" places and prefer to shop local.
I am one of them... and I am glad that our local area has such wonderful opportunities such as this.

I know, I know.
Time to get off my (grocery) box and go cook something good.