Monday, September 8, 2014


wow. And it's a Monday.
There are some Mondays that just feel so Monday... if you know what I mean, and this is it.
Nothing horrible... just feeling behind, feeling rushed... feeling like... where did the weekend go?

My kitchen has looked like some sort of veggie warehouse for a couple of days.
I had picked up a bushel of roma tomatoes, a huge bag of onions, a basket of sweet peppers and garlic a few days ago...
and so yesterday; I spent the day fixing spaghetti sauce.
Today I hope to fix another huge batch of spaghetti sauce... and use up the rest of the tomatoes that are taunting me from their waxed box on the floor. And then of course, it will all need to be canned/processed.

I did fix a BIG bowl of fresh salsa... and we've been feasting on salsa and chips... which is great.
So I went to the store today to get a bottle of Jose Cuervo... cuz you can't have salsa and chips... without margaritas.

Then... I have a box of cucumbers I was gifted, to use up.
I've been thinking of making pickles, but can't seem to locate my recipe box; or my BALL canning book... which I can only guess is still in the stack of 26 boxes of books we've yet to unpack that is sitting in the basement.
(because we need to build shelves. because we need to paint the walls first, because we need to clean out the room... and so on it goes).
Anyway, so I went to look for recipes online, and discovered that 99% of them seem to be recipes for refrigerator pickles...
so I've been "winging" it.
During the night, I made a huge jar of pickled, chunky relish (see the photo below)... which seems to have turned out OK.

So... what's left of today will be a jumble of making pickled relish, making more spaghetti sauce, canning stuff... and who knows what else.

Tomorrow is another day.
But at least today has margaritas, chips and salsa... and music.
Lots of music.