Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Today I am exhausted... and I've been trying all day to find a piece of artwork; and can't seem to locate it. 'Tis the trials of moving, and not completely unpacking yet... but frustrating none-the-less.

There are days (like today) when I despair of ever having the basement cleaned up...
of ever having the upstairs the way we want it...
of having walls painted... and shelving up... so we can unpack all those boxes of books, et all.
And I know it's going to happen... it's just the interim.
And it's such a third-world problem anyway.
I have a house.
I have plumbing... and a roof.. and fresh water... it's all good.

And so I am taking some time out of my frenetic whirlwind-ness... to just stop.
Stop and be grateful.
Smell the clean air.
Walk in the fresh, green grass.
Look at the stars.

Hope you all have a great night.