Thursday, September 4, 2014


I often wonder as I am taking pictures.... if people see what I see.
Obviously, we each have our own vision... and therefor, interpretation... of things we see.
This is why if a crime is observed by 10 people, there will be 10 different versions of what took place. Yes, there will be commonalities... but it's the minute details that we probably "see" differently.

So. I was taking photos a few days ago of these button mushrooms in a nearby yard.
They were nestled in underneath a thick hedgerow of pine... where it was wet and dark and misty.
Perfect growing conditions for mushrooms... but then my mind started to wander.

Could it be the forest glen of a leprechaun colony?
Was that wonderful musky aroma really the smoke from carved bone pipes being smoked by the elders of the clan?
Were watchful eyes making sure I didn't disturb their gardens?
And imagine the feast come harvest time!
Huge! (for them) mushrooms roasting over open fires... salads of watercress and minute wood sorrel... the roots of plants made into a mashed delight.

You all know I adore poetry.... so here are some links on some poems about the faerie folk that may just live in this hedgerow...

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Come fairies!
Take me out of this dull world,
For I would ride with you 
Upon the wind and dance 
Upon the mountains like a flame.
 --W.B. Yeats