Saturday, September 6, 2014

for the weekend

Nestled between 2 of 3 large Masonic buildings in Williamsport; is this little gem.
We had stopped briefly for a short walk-about to stretch the legs on our way home from the family reunion late on Monday... when I saw it.
Copper flashing.... green with verdigris patina from age... bright red window casings and mirrored "windows"... hanging ... seemingly defying gravity.

It's probably a walk-through between the buildings... but how awesome!
And of course, my 9yr old inner child began weaving stories about it... with a most decidedly "Harry Potter"-esque leaning.

I've always been fascinated with Masonic Rites and Lodges. Probably because here in Coudersport, there is a huge Masonic Hall known as the Consistory. I would often work as a waitress or kitchen help during events at this local lodge, and longed to see more of the building... but never had the opportunity.
My mother has sung in the choir of the yearly "Passion Play" events held there... and I just have never been around at the right times to go see it... or (better yet)... sneak off and explore some of the rooms.
I am told their is a ballroom... a billiard room... and of course, the large and open theater room with it's massive pipe organ.
But alas, someday... 'cuz... the future is just golden.

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