Saturday, September 13, 2014

for the weekend

Well... it's going to be another busy weekend...
We are trying to work on our basement... which continues to have water issues.
Just the other day we discovered a colony of these guys living behind our washer and dryer.
So... cleaning... scrubbing.... trying to water-proof... salvage what's down there (my studio stuff)...

But in the meantime... here are some great links to brighten up your weekend, and I'll see you again on Monday:

*Jim Carey's life message (video)
*HGTV: Trends for Fall
*Martha Stewert : American Made Finalists ... and my friend Eppie who is one of them!
*Designer Deb VanZyl
*Centralia, PA ... I want to go photograph there.
*The Republic of Tea
*some crazy cool folk art
*40years alone in Russia
*and a found ship from 1846
*artist Junko Oki
*creative wisdom
*7 steps to Living a Bill Murray life
*making Bread and Butter pickles
*the science of storytelling
*Mission to the Edge of Space (video)