Sunday, September 21, 2014

for the weekend

Sometimes it's the most unexpected things that are the most wonderful.
Impromptu visits from other artisans... an open house event at the artisan center that I ended up hosting/planning...
this whole basement re-do ( started because of water damage and mold to a lot of my studio )...
All of these recent events had the great potential to be complete chaos...
and yet, they've all worked out... and been a great learning experience... and (overall) been a "good thing".
Life has a way of working it's majik.

I think trying to have a positive outlook helps tremendously... and it's not to say that I don't get down and out (because I do)...
But, for the most part, I try to be optimistic. And I think it helps.

I've read so many stories... stories about people who had the worst scenarios dealt to them...
and yet, they have risen from it all and done well. Been happy. Succeeded in what they wanted to do.
It's a lot of hard work... to be sure.
And yet, there is also some serendipity there.
Some magical happenstance.
Call it what you will.
Ascribe it to whatever you believe in... but it's there.
And I am grateful.

And so... I wanted to share some links with you all this weekend:

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*why the French are "better at life"
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*artist Hiroko Kubota
*how to make mozzarella cheese!
*Oktoberfest is coming!
*some fabulous colorized historical photographs
*a GREAT dog owner
*wanna buy your own (Irish) island?  ... and a great video taken near it
*how to cover a book (old school)... and another.

**and because I had the great pleasure of meeting this artist... and getting an awesome write-up on her blog about the Potter County Artisan Center; that I am part of.... I am sharing the love right back. Check out her blog: here