Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Well, as expected... it was a very busy few days at the Rock City Park Gem & Mineral Show.
And, as expected... I probably broke even because every cent I made; I ended up using to buy more materials for next years jewelry pieces.
You should have seen the stones! Some really gorgeous specimens were on hand; and there was even a wonderful husband/wife team who had geodes that they were cracking on order. It reminded me of when I was a little kid... and I would bring my hard earned quarters to get surprise bags at the Five&Dime store. The anticipation of what could potentially be inside was worth every penny.

Not being an early bird by any stretch... getting up and around was an effort; and the photos above
were taken by my daughter (*I was driving*) ... but I did edit them.
It was really beautiful out.

So what is next?
-trying to fix up the yard a bit before winter sets in (eash... the year has gone by quickly).
-working on finishing up the studio space as best we can so that I can start using it. Hopefully, it will now be dry and with better lighting. And with the new shelving we purchased... it may even be sorta organized!
-I have worked out a deal with our local Potter County Visitor's Center; and will be taking some photographs for them for their upcoming new website... so I have some photo shoots coming up.
-more volunteer work at out local Potter County Artisan Center, and this coming Saturday evening we are having another Open House event there. It will have live music from Tim Walck; and a demonstration from the students at Essence of Motion Dance Studio, along with a meet and greet the artisans time, and sweets and treats.... so come by if you can...
-and of course, helping my mom with things.
-and lots of other ideas I have in the works... so stay tuned.

But for today I was able to sleep in a bit --which was wonderful.
I photographed and listed some new items in my Etsy shop, and plan on relaxing a bit before the rest of this busy week  comes to fruition.

Enjoy your evening, and I'll see you all tomorrow