Friday, October 17, 2014


So this past weekend I was at the Gem and Mineral Show at Rock City Park; selling some of my gemstone jewelry pieces. The last time I was there; I had gone to a wedding reception just down the road... back in the late 70s. Amazingly, I remembered directions!
I did not, however, remember how stunningly gorgeous it is.
Yes, I remember it being beautiful... but not like what I experienced this past weekend.

The trees were at the peak of their fall beauty... the weather was nice (a little chilly and windy at times)...
and the folks there were welcoming.
I had a wonderful time; and bought several specimens to make into jewelry pieces... so stay tuned.

In other news... over the next couple of weeks, I am taking photos on behalf of the Potter County Visitor's Association for their
new/ coming website. I am going 'round to some local businesses and taking pictures of establishments and product so that visitors to the new website can see more about potential destinations  here in Potter County. How awesome is that?!
I know most of the people who have seen my photography, think I primarily do scenary and such; but there was a time in my photography "career" (since 1986) that I have done advertising, wedding, portraits and architectural photographs as well...
So I am really looking forward to dabbling a bit in things I haven't done in a long, long time.

Hope you are all having a great Friday.... and I will see you all tomorrow for the weekend post.