Monday, October 20, 2014


I don't think I've had 2 days off in a row; in probably the entire time (almost a year) that we've lived here... with the exception of when we went to Chicago for a short trip at the beginning of June.
And it feels odd.

I would like to say it's because I've been working and earning a living... but in reality...
it is days mostly filled with volunteer work... looking in on people... helping folks out when I can... trying to help family, etc.
Throw in there times when I had some temporary work...
Working on the house/yard/studio...
working on Etsy stuff... going to shows... etc.
It's been really busy.... and sometimes I look around and wonder what I've been doing... and what (if anything) I've accomplished.

I had yesterday  and today off, through a comedy of errors... or perhaps other forces at work.
Who knows.

Yesterday was a mish-mash of feeling guilty for not working on things...feeling oh-so-far-behind on things... yet so very tired... reading tons of stuff on the internet... reading some blogs... watching a movie...  drinking coffee... and planning on things coming up next.

And I've been reading some books; one of which is called "Making a Living as an Artist."
The first section addresses myths about being an artist ... and there are several... but I will only touch on a few that really hit home to me:

1. "artists must be discovered"... and along with that one..."It's not how well you do your art, but who you know." I'm sure it seems like this. Certainly I have had moments where the thoughts cross my mind. But the reality is... we all start from somewhere... and it's up to us as artists to "get the word out" on our art... and be proactive. Odds are, no one is coming to my door any time soon. So I have to go bang on a few doors myself.
2. "artists are poor business people." Well, yes... some are. I am definitely one of them. But I am trying to learn every day. I think in general, artists need to get over the notion that you have to be suffering and poor to be any good.
3. "artists don't get any recognition until they die." True for some... not true for everyone. Again. You (I) have to be careful about sweeping statements like this. Every situation is unique. So are you.
And more to the point I think.... do you want recognition? I think on some level, we all want to know that what we do is important, that what we do is valuable, and what we do is needed. No matter if we are artists, mechanics, scientists, or moms. We all want to be appreciated.
Personally, I think there is a definite lack of feelings of being appreciated with so many people I know... so my own quest... such as it is ... is to try to make everyone feel validated, and needed, and appreciated.

And with that.... I will say THANK YOU for reading my blog today... and I'll see you all tomorrow.