Thursday, October 23, 2014


Yesterday I watched a video of Paul Klein giving a talk to a group of art majors.
And because that's how I roll; I want to share as much information as I get..... back out there.
He recommended 3 important "rules" about your art:

1. Be distinctive.  ---Be yourself. Be that one in a million. Don't have your stuff look like everyone else's. You are unique... and your work should be too. Figure out that little "something-something" that makes your work different, distinctive and uniquely you.
2. Get yourself in the game. ---You need to be your own best advocate. You need to get your work out there in the public eye. Create opportunities where your work can be seen. Make a list of places to potentially have your artwork seen.... and start tackling it.
3. Make good art. ---Create work. Make stuff every day. Make things/work that evoke a response in you... because it will probably evoke a response in others. Keep at it. Be consistent.

Personally, I am working really hard at these "rules"...
(although I didn't see this video until yesterday, I have been doing this for quite some time)
Yes, I have days that completely suck... and I feel defeated, but I keep at it.
And like the little engine that could.... I know I am on the right track.

See you all tomorrow.

(( the photograph for today's post is one I took in the deep woods here. I happened to be in somewhat of a ravine, and it almost had the feeling of coming up from deep withing the center of the earth... and up into the light. I feel this way a lot of the times about my art/photography/jewelry work. Sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of a deep, dark hole... and I have no idea how I can get out.... when suddenly -- and sometimes of my own making--- the light will shine in ... and it will all be OK ))