Tuesday, October 28, 2014


There are days when I have to force myself to look up.
I am normally a relatively optimistic person, able to see the good in everything... and have extreme hope for the future...
but there are days... we all have them.

These past couple of weeks have been rough.
The death of a dear friend... being away from my son and granddaughter (it's her birthday this week)... worries over financial stuff... frenetically running to and fro... errands... helping family... physically not feeling well...  sometimes you have to wonder, what is this all for? Fortunately, I don't often get in this kind of a funk... and I am always able to pull out of it;
for which I am grateful.

And I am certainly grateful for where I am.... and what we have... and the steps we have made to forge a new future for ourselves here.... and I know that things could definitely be worse.
Everything in perspective, right?

This week is Halloween/ Samhain... my favorite holiday of the year; so I am trying to get it together.
According to the moon phases, we are in a waxing crescent moon.
If you read astrology, it is a time for gathering information, making plans, and laying a foundation for future endeavors. Emotionally, it is said to be a time for change and regeneration... for fortifying and strengthening yourself.
All good advise, no matter your beliefs.

And so I wish for you all today... strength... understanding... and energy to do what you need to do...
(myself included).. and the motivation to look up.