Monday, October 6, 2014


Well, it was a crazy, busy weekend..... but a ton of fun at the Falling Leaves Festival here in Coudersport PA.
I had a booth on the Courthouse Square, and was able to visit with lots of folks I haven't seen in a long while...
which was awesome.

I also took lots of photos.
So if you have access to my Facebook page; check out the album marked Falling Leaves Festival 2014 (82 photos!).

I have another show coming up this coming weekend; HERE... and it looks awesome.
And, to the best of my knowledge... that is probably my last show for the year...
which will give me time to catch up on (lots) of other things.
Like fixing up the studio space.
Like matting and framing some custom photo orders.
Like working in the yard.
And catching up on the "things of life" ... doctor's appointments... figuring out insurance...
and that never-ending "to-do" list.... who am I kidding?!
But it's a goal anyway.

But for today... I am trying to rest.
Hope you are as well.