Saturday, October 4, 2014

for the weekend

There is nothing quite like when the leaves turn in the autumn here in the northeast.
It is spectacular... and we are right in the middle of it here in PA,
and so I thought I would share a couple photos.

And it's the weekend! So I've got some links for you to look at:

*Stevie Nick's-- photographer?! And while we're at it... Mick Fleetwood has a book coming out, and has a restaurant! Who knew?
*and these dreamlike sheep!
*ultra cool DDLM cookies
*just WOW.
*photography from 40yrs ago
*make your own instant noodles! ... and more food in jars
*easy going dog breeds (and chow chows are there!)
*a new take on some great "old" music
*time-lapse scenic photographs
*some really creative sculptures
*the World's Most Dangerous Garden
*Wizard of Oz... new movie!