Monday, November 10, 2014


With my studio space (ie: the basement) being in a state of chaos... it's been almost impossible to work on anything...
so collage, jewelry making, sewing, crafting, any up-cycling type projects... they've all been on hold.
And it's been frustrating, to say the least.
In fact, it's been downright depressing.

For so long now; I've felt like I've been in a holding pattern of sorts.
And now winter is almost upon us... and I've been afraid that the studio space was going to be stuck
in some sort of  limbo until the spring...
hopefully not... but I'm sure you can feel the twangs of the familiar..

the wanting to do... the feelings of being unable to do... for whatever the reason...
which leads to negativity... feelings of worthlessness... the "why bothers"...
the "what does it all matter anyways..."

But I'm here to tell you... you just never know.
Something will trigger it back up to wonderful if you keep at it.
If you keep putting yourself out there... it will get better.
If  you keep doing the work... something will give. Something will open up.
Something will revive you. But you have to keep working, keep looking.

I had such an "aha" moment this weekend.
I always take photos. Every. single. day.
It has been my constant outlet and relief for so much of my life.
But even my photographs had begun to feel a bit ... well... stale.
( or at least to me)
I'm sure it had to do with feeling overworked and underpaid... so to speak...
and I'm sure you can all relate.

The point being...  I feel as if I've had a breakthrough of sorts...
and have begun to feel a bit better about it all.
And I just wanted to say... keep at it.
That thing you are passionate about.
That thing that makes you smile when you wake up.
That thing that makes all the work worthwhile... stay at it.
It'll come.