Thursday, November 20, 2014


What an odd day.... to an even odder week.
But hey... I'm finally getting a little more sleep... and am gradually feeling a bit better.
I'm sorry to all of you for not posting as much/ or what I usually do...
and I'm sorry to all those that I am working on things for... that I have not gotten things done in a more timely fashion.
I am working on it.... and it will get done.

And ... if nothing else... this year has taught me (once again) that I need to not overdo--- not take on everything for everyone... and how important it can be to take time off to do the things that you LOVE to do.
Not necessarily the things you feel you HAVE to do.... or even INTEND to do...
but LOVE to do because it makes your heart sing.
I for one; know that if I don't make art fairly consistently, my soul shrivels up and dies a bit.
I know... sounds dramatic... but it does.

Life is far too short.
So... you know that thing that you really want to do?