Monday, November 24, 2014


eeeps. What a very busy day... coupled by the fact that I am still exhausted and not sleeping well... and getting over some sort of flu virus.
But hey... I did an awful lot of errand-running today... and even though it's late...
I am (finally) home and drinking coffee and eating my first meal of the day (at 10pm).

In the good news department... one of my errands was a quick stop at the post office.
As I was about to head out... I was told to wait a minute as there were a couple packages for me...
and one of them turns out to be a book I did.
Yes, it is self-published; and it's just a compilation of the first year of my blog (I've been writing on this blog since 2008... almost every day).... but still. The folks at the post office were quite impressed (although I disagree)... and gave me a small round of applause.... to which I am grateful.

It's always very exciting to see your work in print. It somehow validates it.
Eventually, I hope to get a copy for each year that I've had my blog; so that if the internet suddenly has a snafu.... I still have a copy.
Each book costs about $100. Which is a whole lot of money... but I'm still glad I did it; as it represents just over a year of daily posts.