Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.
I've spent too may days this past month or so; feeling frustrated because I feel like I don't get enough done. When in reality... it's not that I am not getting things done. In fact, I am getting a TON of things done... it just isn't the stuff that I would necessarily prefer to be doing... or stuff that I am really wanting to get doing.

Time is a funny thing. You twirl and spin... and work and work... and before you know it... the sun is going down on another day; and that age-old question "what did you accomplish today" blasts in the back of your head like a neon sign that will not be turned off.
I know. I feel it. It burns.

But as a good person recently told me; I need to "cut myself some slack"... and realize that maybe it's not the right time to be doing some things... and the perfect time to be doing what I am doing.
Perhaps, in the whole scheme of things.... I will look back and KNOW that I was doing the right things at the right time... and that patience and steadfastness will win out... and I will be able to accomplish all my goals... in the RIGHT time.

So. As another friend told me yesterday.... BREATHE.
Relax... it will all work out.