Monday, November 3, 2014


ah monday... you torture me so.
After a crazy busy weekend... I can barely move around... and just want to hide in a pile of quilts and sip hot toddies...
But as promised; I have some good news to share with you all...

It's been not quite a year since we moved back to PA... and it has been crazy chaotic...
weird and wonderful... distressing, frustrating... and yet...

*we got a house, moved in (sorta), started a photography blog with photos all taken here in PA
*reacquainted ourselves with family and friends we haven't seen in a long time
*had a series of odd jobs... some great... some... not so much. But all were learning experiences.
*in January, I went to a public meeting brainstorming about the possibility of a new artisan space here in Coudersport. I became involved. Like, really involved. I work every Wednesday at the shop; and try to do something for the center (work/photos/advertising stuff) every single day.
*started trying to figure out the local show circuit; and went to or participated in as many local-ish shows as I could this year.
*The Potter County Artisan Center has it's Grand Opening April 12th
*revamped my Etsy shop
*started selling in Ebay again
*took photos every single day for my blogs (and as a personal quest-- I've been taking (almost) daily photos since 2008)
*went on a short 3 -day trip to Chicago... which was awesome.
*became accepted as a juried member in the Route6 Artisan Trail, and have several photos featured in their newest brochure!
*hired a lawyer, and got proceedings started to establish a fictitious name request; leading to an eventual license as a small business owner here in PA (done!)
*received the TOP6 Award from the PA Route6 Artisan Trail folks... a HUGE honor.

Now add into that the "stuff of every day life"... helping out family when I can... doing volunteer work, etc, etc
and you have sort of an idea as to how busy things can get around here.

***BUT... the most recent news... which I wanted to share with you all...
is that I applied, and have just been notified of my acceptance, as a juried artisan with the PA Wilds.
This is a HUGE deal, and one my friend Stephanie wrote about on her blog, here.

This post in not to sound all...."LOOK AT ME--LOOK AT ME".... but to emphasize how some guts, lots of hard work... support (from countless folks)...and a wing and a prayer... can lead to good things.. AND... That I am excited to see what greatness comes next.