Thursday, November 6, 2014


It's a chilly, rainy day here in Potter County.
One of those days that you would prefer to stay in bed, read a good book... and drink hot tea.
And so, I've turned on a big band swing music station... and am preparing to settle in a bit.

I've got to make a list.

For those of you who know me; know I am a compulsive maker of lists.
Lists of things I have to do.
Lists of things I want to do.
Lists of things I am behind on.
Lists of books to read... movies to watch... jewelry to make...
(and ironically, this is sort of a list).

I think I like this summary on the compulsiveness of list making best... (here)
but there are lots of articles out there on the habit of making lists.
And so I thought for today... I would include this list... on why we make lists (>>grin<<)
...see you all tomorrow.

-signs you are a list-maker
-why we make lists (psychology)
-why our brains love lists (The New Yorker)
-do you make lists (psychology)
-the amazing history of the To Do list
-why we love making lists (NPR)
-why were are fascinated by lists
-It's all in your head
-thoughts by ReadingPsychology
-lists everyone should make (Business Insider)
-the "human condition" (LA Times)
-and a whole website devoted to making lists! (why didn't I think of that)

-- and then there is THIS GUY.