Friday, November 7, 2014


winter is here.... sorta.
Off and on today; we have had snow flurries and a general crispness in the air.

And so in my running of errands today... I picked up a new bird feeder, and a block of suet for the birds. I have so much to do around the house; that I am really unprepared for winter... and yet... it will come regardless.

The photo for today's post is right near a great location here known as "Dutch Hill."
Not sure how it got that name; but what I do know... is that some very important people in my life (Ruth and Ken Barrie) used to live at the top of this hill. They had a Secret Garden type of property... tons of fabulous rose bushes, ferns, trees from all over the world... it was just a majikal kind of place for me. I loved going up there to visit with Ruth, help her in her gardens, listen to Ken recite poetry... and occasionally play his bagpipes. I can't go by their property without thinking of a random wonderful memory of them.
And today was no different.

It was on a soon to be winter day (like today), many years ago... and I had taken some flowers up to my friend Ruth.
Ken had passed away; and I knew that she might appreciate a visit.
I drove up the long driveway that leads to the house; and as I got out of my car; snow crunching slightly underfoot, I noticed a smell of gunpowder in the air. A few seconds later... I was madly ducking to the ground as another shot flew just over my head towards the back of the garage. Glancing wildly in the direction of the bullet... I noticed a smoking barrel that was being eased back into the enclosed porch.
I hollered "It's just me Ruth! Put the gun down!"... and then I heard the door spring open as she trotted out... a huge smile on her face. She went on to explain that she had been having frequent visits from a rather large bear who was raiding her garbage can. And that had I been able to see on the other side of the garage; I would have noticed him running back off into the woods... having been scared off by her crack shots! Needless to say, it was not only the bear who probably dumped a load in the woods that day... but me as well; as my knees shook from the shock.
She was probably close to 80yrs old at the time; and she still had such a vibrancy and joy of life...
and I adored her.