Saturday, November 15, 2014

for the weekend

So many projects to do... so many places to go.... so many things to read, write.. create... and so very little time.
But hey... it's the weekend... and if you are looking for some inspiring things to look at; I've got a selection for you:

*Etsy founder has big plans for Albuquerque!
*amazing artifacts from Rathfarnham Castle  ... and here too
*unbelievable treasures from the catacombs
*this looks like a good read...
*artist Robert Glenn
*ranchers are amazing.
*new Stonehenge discovery!
*I always look at the new HONY picture for the day. The other day, he featured this couple... and I was inspired to look up more about them; and found this as well.
*nature reclaiming these buildings in Detroit
*some stunning wildlife photography
*I have a friend who has her heart in Africa, and goes back as often as she can. This reminded me of her; and this is the site of the photographer featured in that article.
*some pretty amazing sculpture (I was thinking of my daughter when I found this site).

and last, but not least...
*some fabulous art on pinterest

---Blessings to you all; and I'll see you on Monday.

(the photo for this weekend's post, is one I took just a couple days ago.
It's amazing how quickly the weather can change...)