Monday, December 1, 2014


Hard to believe it's December already.
I've been swamped for far too long.

This weekend; we had a wonderful show at our local Potter County Artisan Center that featured the photography of local artisan and student at Mansfield University... Jenna June Elliott. Lots of preparation went into getting the show ready; including cleaning out and painting an adjunct room at the center... but we got it done. The show was a big success; and we had probably 60-75 people in to see it. We are so honored to be part of a movement that supports up and coming artisans, as well as those more experienced ones.

On Sunday, a few of us went and decorated a tree in the Courthouse Square on behalf of the Artisan Center. It's been a tradition for several years now; for businesses and groups to "sponsor" a tree and decorate it for the holidays. We are very happy to be able to participate in these kind of local traditions/ community events... and think the tree turned out pretty cool.
We went on a "bird friendly" theme... with all-natural elements, combined with birdseed and peanut butter, fruit slices, needle felted eggs in old nests, rose hips, pine  cones, grasses and more... so that the birds can enjoy the tree as well. Plus... it is all eco-friendly and perfectly compost-able after the season... which makes me happy.

And I've been doing a sort of "Holiday Give-Away" on facebook. Every day I post an item for FREE (most are my handmade envelopes, photos and jewelry)... today is day #14. Just my way of giving back to the community. So very many people here have so little funds for the extras of life... and this way, I hope to offer some items that would be good for gift giving or as a treat to whomever "wins"  it. Each day, I post a photo; and whomever comments on it; I put their name in a bowl... and the next day I draw a name out of the bowl as the winner. Simple.

But alas... Sorry for not posting this weekend.
Hope you are all safe and happy... and I'll see you tomorrow.