Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Sometimes it's a fine dance... wanting to do... and being able to do.
Sometimes the will is stronger than whatever physical limitations you may have... and other times; not so much.
And while it may sound odd, having a chronic illness has actually made me a stronger person.

For one thing it has forced me to be able to prioritize things-- because when you only have the energy to complete one task, that task has greater value to you. You discover very quickly to make lists of what's most important, and get it done while you still have the energy to do it. You're forced to learn what things can be put off, what things other people can do for you, and those things that maybe you don't need to do after all.
Now, I am not saying that I am good at it.... but I am better than I once was.

The other thing, is that it forces you to not have patience.
What do I mean?
Well, you realize how short and how fragile life really is... and therefor, have little patience for things that no longer serve you... for the more trivial things...  and for unkindness... selfishness... and lack of compassion.
Or as a friend would say, "Girl, I ain't got no time for that kind of foolishness..."
'Course, she said it with an awesome southern drawl, which I can't do... but you get the idea.

These past few days have really been "bringing home" this whole idea of only doing what's really important and vital to you...
and doing it the best you can... even if only for a short while.
This whole year, I've gradually (or not so) been adding so many things to my plate .... for a variety of reasons.... and sometimes you just have to step back and say "whoa"... wait a minute... and re-evaluate... and decide what is really important...
...and what can be let go.