Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The snow has been fleeting these past few days... coming down in spots... lingering for moments and then flying into the wind... landing... who knows where... But it's not staying; at least not for now.

The sun however, has been doing it's usual game of hide and seek these days.... but the stars?
They go on forever.

And so it goes, up here on the hill.
If I didn't have to go out for my weekly volunteer work; I think I would happily hole up here... and do nothing but organize my studio space (which is desperately needs).... and work on art.
But alas, duty calls.

And yes, my studio is a mess. In fact, it ought to be condemned at this point... box upon box of stuff I gathered all year long from yard sales, auctions... even "finds" along the side of the road.... all awaiting attention. My studio supplies... books, papers, beads and more...  in a frantic whirlwind of scattered-nesss... all hither and yon... and strewn about. Things gotten out to make "just a quick pair of earrings"... or to "sew up those pants".... which never end up being put back where they shoulda/oughta go... if there even is such a place. And then the remains of the floods earlier this year... things I have dreaded going through... or were put up in a hurry so as not to be damaged.. and are still stacked and packed. Which I suppose, wouldn't bother me if I was a hoarder, but being a fairly organized person about so many things... and having this in my work space... well.... it's tragic. And maddening.
I need time. I need more time than I have right now.... and it's frustrating.

On the plus side... I've gotten most of my "To-Do's" done. The remains on that list are the odd jobs... (for example) ... the lady who randomly dropped off 2 necklaces for me to fix (I have no idea who she is or how she knew I even made jewelry) ... or the guy who asked me to fix a bracelet for his mother.... or the other bracelet that I was asked to "fix"... and is essentially a bag of loose beads. It's flattering in a way... that people know who I am and that I can do it... but also ... kind of odd when people just randomly leave items in my mailbox...

But... as Scarlet says "Tomorrow is another day..." ... and so it is.
See you all tomorrow.